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Nepal Update

Tuesday 19th April of 2016

Dear friends,
25th April marks 1 year since Nepal’s devastating earthquake, the day that changed Nepal forever.  We take a long pause and a heartfelt moment to remember this sad occasion.  We’ve learnt from the strength, resilience and determination of the Nepalese people and have chosen to focus on the positives.  This week we are excited because it is highly likely that by the end of April we will be given the green light from the Government of Nepal to begin rebuilding 8 schools in Marpak District.  Once we get started on the schools we will also begin our project to support 9 villages to rebuild 1,057 homes in the same area. 
The other good news is the Government has begun distributing reconstruction aid to earthquake survivors – each family will receive US$2,000, in 3 installments, to contribute towards each family’s home. Our local implementing partner, Right4Children is supporting Red Cross with the set up and logistics of the government reconstruction aid enrollment camps in Marpak.  We have supported the set-up of a temporary office for Right4Children’s field staff who are already contributing volunteers to support the community to secure their government grants.  We are finally able to get started on our long term development and rebuild plans!
Please click here to read more about our Earthquake rebuild plans and the programmes we were able to carry out in 2015 with your generous support.

CWS Team

Wednesday 23rd of September - 11:05 HKT

Together we have raised HK$6.6 million for the earthquake recovery and rebuild!  So far HK$2 million has been spent on emergency supplies, materials for temporary housing, health care, education, counseling and anti-trafficking workshops.  The balance of HK$4.6 million will be allocated to Phase 3 – the rebuilding of 9 villages.

The 3rd and final phase will take 12-18 months and cost around HK$7 million.  Fortunately we are partnering up with 2 other international NGOs to cover this so we are confident we will be able to successfully implement the final stage and create strong, healthy, positive and vibrant communities in 9 villages.   We were hoping to have budgets and plans with the Government finalized by mid-September but there has been a slight delay due to the recent political unrest in Nepal.  There have been weeks of bloodshed, over 40 people have died and many injured during the lead up to the signing of the Constitution.

The long awaited Constitution was finalized and signed on Sunday 20th September.  It has been a 7 year process, something the Constitution Assembly has been trying to finalise since the King was ousted in 2008.  The tragedy of April and May’s earthquakes encouraged key people to push this important agenda forward, enabling Nepal to begin to rebuild itself, boost economic activity, employment and foreign investment.

Sadly, not everyone is happy about this as it creates 7 secular provinces in a federal system and many groups oppose this, some wishing it to be reestablished as a Hindu nation and others thinking the system is unfavourable to the people living in the southern plains.  Unfortunately, protests continue on the streets of Southern Nepal, endangering lives and hindering growth and development.

The good news is that the Nepalese Government can now finalise the plans for the rebuilding of permanent homes; enabling communities, CWS and the many other NGOs there to commence this important work.

Please kindly refer to the attached document for more information and photos.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to see you at one of the 3 update sessions in November.


Zein & the CWS Team

Friday 3rd of July - 13:30 HKT

Wednesday 10th of June - 13:30 HKT

Friday 22nd of May - 13:00 HKT 

Wednesday 13th of May - 11:20 HKT

Thursday 7th of May - 07.40 HKT

Saturday 2nd of May - 15.55 HKT

Tuesday 28th of April - 22.30 HKT

Tuesday 28th of April - 13.30 HKT

Monday 27th of April - 20.40 HKT

Monday 27th of April - 16.00 HK

This is a footage of CWS' Relief efforts in one of the worst hit districts (Sindhupalchowk) in Nepal. Our founder Douglas Maclagan actively distributing Relief materials, 3 months of supplies to the affected community. This short movie was put together for one of many fundraising events in Hong Kong. 

Event Name: Rise 
Location: The Principle
Note: The actual live footage of the earthquake has been extracted from 3rd party source and CWS doesn't own it.

Testimonies from Nepal

"Yesterday Saturday morning 11.56 am, I was in the main dining hall of our resort clubhouse and a sudden shake started. It soon became evident, that this was very different, as it just got stronger and stronger. Outside, it was like a massive storm as all the trees around me just started swaying all over the place, and it just went on and on. Suddenly from behind me I heard lots of screams and shouting, and I thought Insuba, the kids up at the house. So I ran out of the clubhouse, and went up and as I was going up a paddy, I was thrown to the ground. Insuba and the kids were terrified, and shaking. Tried calling people but all network and emails were down in the first hours and only sporadic calls were coming through as most networks were down or overloaded.

We heard that it was an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude. We all took a deep breath and but then it started all over again 23 minutes later. Another quake of 6.7, for another 40 seconds. Then an hour after that another of 5.4. We couldn’t sleep and till 12 midnight last night, we had 19 earthquakes all above 4.4 magnitude."

Douglas Maclagan, CWS HK Founder and Country Director (26/04/15)

"Due to this terrible disaster many families have lost their family members, many are injured and on the street.  As a human being in this harsh situation, it is our responsibility to help people to protect them from any possible worst conditions. Each disaster does not only injure the people physically, it also harms survivors and witnesses of the disaster psychologically.

As Kopila-Nepal is working in Nepal on  issues of women, children and people with psychosocial problems, our responsibility is to protect the people at risk of psychological problems and mental illnesses. Therefore Kopila-Nepal is planning to send a team in Kathmandu with psychologists and counselors to provide psychological first aid."

Bina Silwal, Kopila Nepal CEO (26/04/15)

"I was lucky to be with my family in my home town when the earthquake hit. A lot of people are stuck in Kathmandu and many roads are still blocked. There is electricity but wires and poles have been damaged. There are water and food shortages in many areas. Kanchan (the Sano Paila CEO) is working with Al Jazeera in Kavre to report on the damage. 

Helen is with the children and they are camping out in the street. They are all safe but they are terrified.

We are coordinating with the CDO (Chief District Officer) and with local authorities to arrange to send supplies to Gorkha which was the epicentre of the earthquake and was completely devastated. We will send you more information as soon as we have more."

Brijlal Chaudhari, Sano Paila COO (27/04/15)

"I was conducting a training in Kathmandu for our adolescent girls group with 30 members. When the earthquake hit, 4 of them suddenly became unconscious. I am so terrified when I think back of it. We provided our adolescents with immediate support, water and contacted their families. There is electricity in Kathmandu but we are so afraid of entering any buildings. The government has issued warnings not to enter any buildings as many of them have been cracked and could collapse. 

I have been told that our social mobilisers' homes in Sindhupalchowk have been destroyed and that the rehabilitation centre that we are running there has been cracked so our beneficiaries are staying in tents. The transport system is blocked in Kathmandu but I will be meeting with the management team tomorrow to organise Shakti Samuha's response."

Sarala Lama, Shakti Samuha Project Officer (27/04/15)

"We are all safe and our families are fine too. You must have seen from different media sources about the massive scale of casualties caused by the strong earthquake and its aftershocks. We have been working in coordination with the government and the NGO Federation to provide immediate relief services in the district. Basically, we are trying to provide basic support services (food, water, medicine, blood, living arrangements etc.) to the victims of the earthquake, especially those injured and brought to hospitals for treatment and their families. Right4Children has not been able to provide its support services in other districts given the small number of workforce it has. We, along with NGO Federation Kaski have decided to establish an NGO Help Desk at different hospitals to provide coordinated support to the victims.  The Help Desk will identify the needs of the victims and coordinate with different NGOs to provide the support they need.

Definitely, we need your kind support and assistance to help the victims. We appreciate your efforts to raise funds and know that you are all with us at this critical and tragic moment."

Anil Paudel, Right4Children CEO (27/04/15)

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