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Nepal Earthquake Emergency Appeal

On Saturday, 25 April 2015 at 11:56 local time, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake as recorded by Nepal’s National Seismological Centre (NSC), struck Barpak in the historic district of Gorkha, about 76km northwest of Kathmandu. Nepal had not faced a natural shock of comparable magnitude for over 80 years.

The catastrophic earthquake was followed by more than 300 aftershocks greater than magnitude 4.0 (as of 7 June 2015). Four aftershocks were greater than magnitude 6.0, including one measuring 6.8 which struck 17 days after the first big one with the epicentre near Mount Everest. To date, there are over 8,790 casualties and 22,300 injuries. It is estimated that the lives of eight million people, almost one-third of the population of Nepal, have been impacted by these earthquakes. Thirty-one of the country’s 75 districts have been affected, out of which 14 were declared ‘crisis-hit’ for the purpose of prioritizing rescue and relief operations; another 17 neighbouring districts are partially affected.

 Catergories of Earthquake- Affected Districts      Share of Disaster Effects across sectors

Source: GoN

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Catergories of Earthquake- Affected Districts

Share of Disaster Effects across sectors

Source: GoN

Asha Health Care

Improved Cooking Stones

Day Care Health Centres

Our Projects

CWS is  dedicated to supporting and empowering disadvantaged and vulnerable children, young people and women in Nepal. We work closely with local Nepalese organisations, on projects which are child or women focused, child-friendly, and aim to empower children and communities to create a brighter future for themselves.

Our partners are experts in their fields ensuring the best possible delivery of services for our beneficiaries.

Our Partners

CWS partners with local NGOs in Nepal who are experts in their fields. We work closely together drawing from our track record and past experience to deliver the best services to our beneficiaries. Learn more about our working philosophy here.

Current Projects

Follow the links below to learn more about each of our current local partners and projects.

Please click here for a general update of all our programmes – April 2015
Please contact us if you are interested in supporting one of our current projects!

Past Projects

CWS' aim is to provide health, education, protection and opportunities for women and children of Nepal. We have worked on a wide range of projects with different partners and we strive for our projects to remain relevant despite the rapidly evolving needs of people in Nepal.

We also worked on a couple of projects in Hong Kong helping disadvantaged youths and working with local school on a pollution project.

For a full list and description of our past projects please click here

At the heart of all the CWS projects, is a desire to:
  • Involve children and communities in developing and running programmes to make sure we are really meeting their needs
  • Support children and youth who need it most and adapt to meet their needs, regardless of how difficult their backgrounds
  • Use innovation to continually improve our services, and make them accessible and enjoyable for children and families

CWS' main beneficiaries in Nepal are:

  • Street and working children and young people
  • Children in mountain villages and their families
  • Children living in slum areas
  • Girls at risk of, or victims of, trafficking
  • Mothers and their young children
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