Wed 15-Aug-2018
In memory of Sandra

Sandra d’Auriol

1960 – 2014

Our dear Sandra passed away suddenly on 22nd January 2014.  A co-Founder of CWS HK, a mentor, friend and an inspiration to us all, we will miss her tremendously. 

Sandra was a significant supporter of CWS in Nepal in its early years and later helped to establish CWS’ highly successful fundraising arm in Hong Kong in 2003.  Since then Sandra’s immeasurable contributions to CWS’ fundraising and strategic planning have made our life changing work possible.  Despite being a devoted mother and wife, jewelry designer and successful business woman she worked tirelessly to raise funds and guide us in our work.

Sandra devoted her talent for designing elegant jewelry pieces to making the world a better place – all of the proceeds from her successful jewelry business were donated to over 20 humanitarian and environmental causes in HK and around the world.  CWS was proud to be one of these recipients. 

All of us at CWS will miss Sandra and her never ending passion for life.  Sandra encouraged us to dream and enabled us to achieve.  Her ability to constantly see the positives in any challenging situation inspired us all.  We are devastated by her loss but will continue to draw upon her inspiration in our work and daily lives.

Love and peace to Sandra and her family


Zein Williams

9231 3505

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