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About Us

CWS' vision is of a world where children are empowered with hope for a brighter future and realise their potential in a society that respects their rights and dignity.

CWS is committed to working in partnership with organisations supporting front line work with disadvantaged and vulnerable children, young people and their communities, transforming their lives and providing them with life opportunities and the confidence to succeed.

Our mission

To provide protection, education, health care and opportunities to disadvantaged children and their families.

Who we are

CWS HK is a HK registered charity which was set up in 2003, initially to raise funds to support our partners in Nepal. CWS projects in Nepal are monitored by our dedicated team who work with local, grassroots NGOs to provide education, health care and social opportunities to children and their communities.  Please visit our project page to learn more about what we do in Nepal.
You will also find past projects that CWS took over in HK and Nepal

How it all started - Douglas’ Story

"I was 28 when I left the Netherlands and had a life-changing experience in the mountains of Nepal. A distraught mother, desperate for help, handed me her sick baby girl who was just one year old. The girl died in my arms. That was the moment that changed my life, and Child Welfare Scheme began.

I was determined to help, and asked the villagers what they needed most. They needed a safe place for children to play while they worked in the field and access to free, basic health care. Together we developed the concept of Day Care Health Centres in the villages, and built the first two centres with my own savings. The charity ‘Child Welfare Scheme’ was officially established in 1997, and has continued to develop projects based on empowering communities and implementing projects at a local level.

Every year just gets more exciting as we expand and improve on the year before. Today, we are one of the most effective organizations in Nepal, using a minimal amount of resources to reach a maximum number of children with high quality programmes and projects which are now highly recognized. Saving a child’s life can often cost next to nothing, especially when you think how lavishly we sometimes spend on a typical Friday night out.

I love my work as it’s very honest and to the point, but moreover, a great thing to share with others and to get them involved. We are not a high profile organization, but we are making a high profile difference to thousands of children and young people each year by changing or saving their lives.

Let’s keep on doing it together!

Cheers, and my heartfelt thanks.

Douglas Maclagan"
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